Month: May 2015

Book Review: Thinking, Fast and Slow

As a study of the human mind and a container of brilliant little anecdotes, this book deserves all of the credit it has received.  Unfortunately, Kahneman doesn’t always bring things back to a central point, a place where you can absorb the information and take meaningful actions from it.  It’s…

Book Review: User Story Mapping

One of the most talented developers I’ve ever worked with recommended this book to me.  A guy who, at least when a big financial is his client, finds himself arguing against documentation more often than for it recommending a book about requirement documentation? Figured it must be worth the read….

Systematically Betting on Baseball (fun with Spreadsheets)

If you know me in the “real world” you know that I am a huge Pirate fan.  The part of baseball I have found interesting for most of my life is player development.  Watching players get drafted at 18 out of high school or signed at 16 out of Latin…